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10 Sep

Putting Lipstick on a Male Chauvinist Pig

Was Barack Obama referring to Gov. Palin when he made the comment about “putting lipstick on a pig”? Maybe. Maybe not. After all, he did use the same comment when referring to Hillary Clinton during the primary. I watched that speech over and over again and couldn’t imagine why in the good Lord’s name he […]

27 Aug

Are We Really Going to Talk About Houses?

The new talking point for the Democrat party seems to be how many houses John McCain has. Somehow, because he has seven houses, the correlation must be that he is out of touch with “regular” Americans. I mean, who has seven houses? Conspicuous consumption of resources..That’s what that is. Or at least that’s how Obama […]

25 Apr

Technical Snafu

We are very sorry for the technical snafu we experienced. Our site went down and we lost EVERYTHING. We have started the process of rebuilding or posts from old records and memory. You were a subscriber to our blog and we would appreciate it if you would stay with us. Please log back in to […]

10 Jan

Rules for posting comments on this blog

Here are the rules for posting: We do encourage good debate and welcome it. Unlike liberals, we do accept and consider views other than our own and do not consider you a low-life for having views other than our own (as liberals do).  However, we do have some rules for posting. 1. ABSOLUTELY NO PROFANITY […]

10 Jan

Introducing The Conservative Hawk

It’s judgment day for liberals. While sitting and watching tonight’s Republican debate, I decided to get into the blog business. I realize there are millions of blogs out there and no one would flock to mine, but I really don’t care. Yes, there are thousands upon thousands of great conservative blogs out there but that […]

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