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05 Jun

Obama’s Pal and Fundraiser, Tony Rezko Found Guilty

Convicted felon and good friend to Illinois Democrat Governor Rod Blagojevich and U.S. Senator and Democrat nominee for President of the United States Barack Obama, was convicted by a federal jury yesterday. A federal jury found the Obama pal guilty on 16 of the 24 count indictment. The convictions included mail and wire fraud, aiding […]

16 Mar

Taxpayers Hooked for $43M, Thanks to Obama and Rezko

The winter of 1997 was a pretty brutal time. Excessively cold and, at times, unbearable. The residents of several apartment complexes in Barack Obama’s State Senate District, in Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood, were shivering and huddled together for warmth. Because they had no heat. But why would they not have any heat when it was just […]

03 Mar

Barack, Rezko And A Salty Piece of Land

Let me tell you a little story bout a man man Barack. The events you are about to read is true. The names haven’t been changed so we could expose the guilty. Those guilty parties are Barack Obama and Tony Rezko. Tony Rezko is a long time friend of Barack Obama and has been indicted […]

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