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20 Feb

The Untouchable

I watch a lot of news. CBS, NBC, ABC, World News Tonight, CNN, MSNBC & FOX News.  All of the news channels spent a lot of time chronicling the blunders and gaffes of President Bush. Including the one below when he tried to open a locked door in Beijing after a press conference in 2005. […]

09 Dec

Illinois Governor First To Be Arrested While In Office

I have to apologize for this late post. I did it at about 8:00am on the day of the event, but I pressed “save” instead of publish. So, this is what I did on December 9th. In an unprecedented event, Illinois DEMOCRAT Governor Rod Blagojevich became the first Governor to be arrested while in office.  […]

02 Sep

Brace Yourselves. The Left Wing Whacko Machine is Already At It

Trash Dispensers I suppose there is no sense in warning you of the impending slander campaign being mounted by liberal left-wingers against Gov. Sarah Palin. There is no sense in warning you because they started much sooner than I thought they would. You have already heard the gutter snipes launching their poisonous and bitterly mean […]

18 Jun

Rush Limbaugh Credited with Liberal Smear

It shouldn’t surprise me how the left wing extremists like Barack Obama can take a smear perpetuated by a liberal and assign the blame to a conservative. It shouldn’t surprise me but it still does. The attack on Limbaugh was made through a new Barack Obama web site set up to answer the so called […]

29 May

Obama Gaffes: As Common As A “Potatoe”

Why has the media just now started to cover the continuous stream of gaffes made by Barack Obama? Because there is no way around it anymore. There are far too many to ignore, but trust me – the drive by media certainly wishes they could ignore them. Everyone remember Dan Quayle misspelling “Potatoe”. How long […]

12 May

Really? 57 States?

Ok. Even I didn’t believe Obama said this until I saw It. If anyone knows where I can get the entire speech, I would love to see the whole thing. My reason for posting it is because, if Obama really did say this in a non-joking way, you will never see it in the mainstream […]

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