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03 Sep

Palin Knocks It Out Of The Park!!!

I just finished watching Gov. Palin’s HOME RUN speech. I will be writing more about tomorrow, but had to comment on it right now.  By the time this gets emailed to those of you who are subscribers, it will already be tomorrow. Sorry about that. Since Ronald Reagan, I have never seen the likes. As […]

02 Sep

Brace Yourselves. The Left Wing Whacko Machine is Already At It

Trash Dispensers I suppose there is no sense in warning you of the impending slander campaign being mounted by liberal left-wingers against Gov. Sarah Palin. There is no sense in warning you because they started much sooner than I thought they would. You have already heard the gutter snipes launching their poisonous and bitterly mean […]

29 Aug

Palin In; Romney, Pawlenty Out

I am editing this post from the original post an hour ago. IT’S OFFICIAL – GOV. PALIN IS THE VICE PRESIDENTIAL CHOICE!!! If it was not going to be Romeny, Im glad it’s PALIN. Gov. Sarah Palin took on the most corrupt Republican Party in the country…The Alaska Republican Party. From day 1, she began […]

26 Aug

Palin, Powell, Hutchison and Thomas: Oh, What To Do?

I had been asked by one of my subscribers to give an analysis on some of the lesser known possibilities for a McCain running mate. Let’s start with Gen. Colin Powell (Ret). Not a likely choice or at least not a good one. He brings foreign policy and military experience to the table but those […]

25 Aug

How McCain Can Balance His Ticket

It’s no surprise that John McCain is not the most conservative Republican in the Senate. In fact, he ranks 21 on the conservative scale, if you count the ties as one, and 38th most conservative is you count each individual. Needless to say, being 38th would rank you close to the middle of the road. […]

06 Aug

You Might Be A Racist If:

Is anyone else getting sick and tired of the messiah Barack Obama pulling the race card and when he gets called on it, the drive by media coming to his defense and turning it around on John McCain? In the next couple of days, I will be posting a video montage of all of the […]

13 May

A Little Campaign Humor

After that display from Barack Obama and his 60 states, I thought we could all use a bit of campaign humor (as if that wasn’t funny enough) so I decided to post this You Tube video that I found very funny. If you enjoy this site, please show your appreciation by signing up for automatic […]

12 May

Really? 57 States?

Ok. Even I didn’t believe Obama said this until I saw It. If anyone knows where I can get the entire speech, I would love to see the whole thing. My reason for posting it is because, if Obama really did say this in a non-joking way, you will never see it in the mainstream […]

09 May

Republicans Are On The Brink Of Extinction

Russ Stewart is an attorney at law in Illinois and a brilliant political strategist and analyst. He writes, and I completely concur, with his analysis of the 2008 election. Make no mistake about it: The Republicans are on the verge of eradication, if not extinction. If they don’t want to suffer the fate of the […]

20 Feb

McCain’s Sex Scandal?

Ok. We realize that we have been ultra tough on John McCain but this supposed sex scandal is ridiculous. Imagine now that it is Barack Obama who had this story come out against him. Now imagine the press coverage. It would appear in a few newspapers (certainly never the New York Times) and would be […]

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