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06 Aug

You Might Be A Racist If:

Is anyone else getting sick and tired of the messiah Barack Obama pulling the race card and when he gets called on it, the drive by media coming to his defense and turning it around on John McCain? In the next couple of days, I will be posting a video montage of all of the […]

18 Jun

More Obama Gaffes

Pointing out Barack Obama’s inexperience has become a full time job because there are way too many of them and the only place you will hear them is on the Fox News Network and the blogs. Here are some great videos to check out, cataloging all of his blunders. If you enjoy this site, please […]

29 May

Obama Gaffes: As Common As A “Potatoe”

Why has the media just now started to cover the continuous stream of gaffes made by Barack Obama? Because there is no way around it anymore. There are far too many to ignore, but trust me – the drive by media certainly wishes they could ignore them. Everyone remember Dan Quayle misspelling “Potatoe”. How long […]

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