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03 Sep

Palin Knocks It Out Of The Park!!!

I just finished watching Gov. Palin’s HOME RUN speech. I will be writing more about tomorrow, but had to comment on it right now.  By the time this gets emailed to those of you who are subscribers, it will already be tomorrow. Sorry about that. Since Ronald Reagan, I have never seen the likes. As […]

29 Aug

Palin In; Romney, Pawlenty Out

I am editing this post from the original post an hour ago. IT’S OFFICIAL – GOV. PALIN IS THE VICE PRESIDENTIAL CHOICE!!! If it was not going to be Romeny, Im glad it’s PALIN. Gov. Sarah Palin took on the most corrupt Republican Party in the country…The Alaska Republican Party. From day 1, she began […]

26 Aug

Palin, Powell, Hutchison and Thomas: Oh, What To Do?

I had been asked by one of my subscribers to give an analysis on some of the lesser known possibilities for a McCain running mate. Let’s start with Gen. Colin Powell (Ret). Not a likely choice or at least not a good one. He brings foreign policy and military experience to the table but those […]

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