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Here are the rules for posting:

We do encourage good debate and welcome it. Unlike liberals, we do accept and consider views other than our own and do not consider you a low-life for having views other than our own (as liberals do).  However, we do have some rules for posting.

1. ABSOLUTELY NO PROFANITY OF ANY KIND WILL BE TOLERATED. If you post a comment that contains profanity and it makes it past our spam filters, we will eventually delete the entire comment and all others from you.  If it becomes a habitual problem, your IP address will be banned.

2. We allow you to attack ideas and views but do NOT allow personal attacks on posters. Civility is a virtue here. If you launch into personal attacks on fellow posters, you will be banned.

3. Comments which insert a link to a liberal blog or a blog that I do not approve of, will be deleted – So, if you post and try to sneak a liberal link into the post… IT’S GONE… Conservative blog links are ok.

See, it’s simple. Just be civil.

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