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If you disagree with me from now on, I’m going to tell the world that you are attacking America’s white people. Well, I’m not really going to do that.

But, Reverend Wright will. In his speech to the National Press Club, the good Reverend told the world that the attacks on his racist, hateful speech were not an attack on him, but on the black church. He made it sound as if every black church in the country spews that kind of hatred from the pulpit. If I were a reverend at a black church that doesn’t use the pulpit for the political advancement of one of my parishioners, I would be outraged. I would be standing on the tallest mountain, screaming to the top of my lungs decrying this hateful man.

Let me tell you a little bit about two tv shows I watch every Sunday morning between 7am and 8am on my local Fox channel. The first is Changing Your World With Rev. Creflo Dollar and the second is Believer’s Walk Of Faith with Rev. Bill WInston. Both of these men are black and both are preachers. Their Sunday morning shows are probably the most inspiring services I have seen. So much so, that I make it a point to wake up at 6:30am every Sunday to watch. In fact, Rev. Winston’s church is about 16 miles from my home and if it were a little closer, I would go to his church every Sunday morning.

My point is this – Rev. Wright’s assertion that the black church is all about screaming hatred and racism from the pulpit is a bunch of crap. The two black ministers I mentioned above are black preachers and great men who inspire the good in people. It should disgust them that Rev. Wright is lumping them in with his hate. Let’s compare the two and you tell me if all black churches fall under the rantings of Wright.

This is Bill Winston. He does get very loud and preaches with passion, but listen to his message. Listen to what he is saying and see how inspiring he is for everyone. (You might want to turn your volume down a little bit)

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