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I have to admit…Going into tonight’s debate, I actually was leaning toward Ron Paul. But after seeing his abysmal performance and lack of attention, I abandoned that thought very quickly.

So what to do next?  Well, I liked Mit Romney and Fred Thompson with the slight edge going to Thompson. But after the debate I was 200% in the Thompson Camp. I mean, the guy hit two grand slams right out of the park and no one could possibly approach his devotion to the United States.

I came up with an evaluation scale based on the candidates presentation of their case, answers to the questions, the way they answered the questions, their conservatism, their substance and how presidential they looked and this is how they scored on the “Hawk Scale”:

Fred Thompson – 13 out of 15
Mit Romney – 12 out of 15
Rudy Giuliani – 11 out of 15
John McCain – 7 out of 15
Mike Huckabee – 5 out of 15
Ron Paul – 3 out of 15

A ticket of Thompson/Romney would be a slice of heaven.

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