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Since Blago’s arrest on corruption charges, many Illinois politicians have been clammering for a special election to fill the U.S. Senate seat vacated by Obama. You can put money on this…There will be no special election.

First, the cost was originally estimated at $35M and is now being estimated at closer to $45M. But more important than that, Democrat insiders in Washington and Springfield let out a collective guttural groan the very moment the big Dick Durbin suggested it.

Democrats do not want a special election. For the first time in 10 years, Republicans would have a real shot at taking the seat, especially with a moderate to liberal Republican like Congressman Mark Kirk who fended off a strong challenge from the DCCC who secured hundreds of thousands  of dollars for the campaign of his democrat opponent in a district that is leaning heavily democrat.

There were three ideas floated in Springfield as to how this seat should be filled. The first one, and the one most preferable to the democrats, is to get Blags out of office and let Lt. Governor Patrick Quinn take over as governor and make the apppointment.  The second was holding a special election to fill the spot and the third was a hybrid of sorts. Allowing the Lt. Governor to make a temporary appointment until a special election could be held. The latter two plans were not even up for discussion by House democrats. Instead, they voted 113-0-5 (two vacancies and three not voting) to begin the process of impeachment. That seams to be the preferred rout of everyone now that G-Rod has thus far refused to resign.

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