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Do you not find it hypocritical that the group of people preaching the loudest about tolerance and acceptance is the most intolerant and non-accepting, bigoted group of people on the planet? I am of course, speaking about the radical, left wing extremist homosexual groups.  And I do not include the “homosexual community” in that group. I am speaking about the the minority of homosexuals who complain the most about everything.

They recently released a hate video against the mormon church, and conservative blogger, Urban Conservative recently had the audacity to post the video, showing what the militant radical homosexual groups are really like. He didn’t even criticize anyone in his post.  All he did was defended Mormons as “nice people” while disagreeing with their religious philosophies. (Click here to view the Urban Conservative Post)

But, he committed the ultimate sin of showing what this group is really like by showing their video. Now this video was amazing. It showed members of the Mormon church coming to the home of a lesbian couple announcing that they were there to take away the couple’s rights.  It just gets worse from there. Have a look at the video below.

After he posted the video, the hate filled bigots started their screaming. One lesbian woman who identified herself as Alicia wrote:

“I am a gay woman and I can’t stand you christians.  you NEED to stay out of my life and our government.  you are still living in the past. please evolve the rest of society has….you are a bunch of judgmental and bigoted people; who can’t even live up to the morals that you force on others.”

While the last person in the world who needs defending is the Urban Conservative, I get sick to my stomach every time I see a group of people who preaches tolerance and acceptance practicing not what they preach.

I mean, just parse “Alicia’s” statement: “…I can’t stand you Christians. You need to stay out of my life and our government.” How much more bigoted and hate filled could someone be. She is saying that Christians do not have any right to participate in the government process.

After the California Supreme Court hijacked the legislative process in California, I wrote a column stating that I would probably have voted against a ban on gay mariages. I still believe same sex marriage is not going to be the end of society, but I would have voted for Prop 8 simply because the California Supreme Court needed to be put in its place and smacked down a peg.

Now, as I see these peace loving, accepting people storm churches around the country to disrupt their services, attack Christians and and Republicans, I would vote 1,000 times to ban gay marriage.

And their attacks were not limited to Republicans and Christians and Mormon’s. Perusing many of the left wing blogs run by gay groups, I noticed a central theme right after the election. They began attacking blacks and Hispanics referring to them as “N******” and “S*****”. You see, it was the the black and Hispanic vote that passed prop 8.

All it takes is losing an election to make and entire group go from “tolerance and acceptance” to hatred, venom and bigotry.


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