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Since the original posting, 1st Lt. David Schultz was posthumously
promoted the the rank of Captain.

It is with the deepest sadness that I must inform our readers of the death of one of our bravest heroes.

My mother called me on Sunday night during the Superbowl to tell me she heard another soldier had fallen in Iraq. What made this one different was the name, which happened to be the same name as someone I know from Blue Island. It was 1st Lieutenant David Schultz of the 82nd Airborne. At first, all I could say was that it had to be a different David Schultz from Blue Island. It couldn’t be little Davey. My heart sank when I made another call and found out it was the same David Schultz I watched growing up.

David is a young man who I knew while he was growing up in Blue Island because I worked with his father as a Police Officer, who was my mentor and his mother was my mentor in my Real Estate career. He lived in a household with very loving parents, Marjorie and David and loving siblings, Becky and Doug.

David graduated from Northern Illinois University in 2005 where he was part of the ROTC program. In 2006, he was assigned to the 82nd Airborne.

He married Sabrina and together they had a child, Logan who is now 7 months old. Please read the full story at the Fayetteville Observer. and the February 4th article by the Daily Southtown.

I know this family very well. To say that this was a shock to me would be an understatement. The loss of David will forever be felt by everyone who knew him.

I leave you with this…

“As I stand on a mountain top, as the great bird approaches, he is small in my sight but grows larger on approach until I am blessed with the full sight of his graceful wings, proud countenance and good company.

All too quickly, he grows small again on the horizon and disappears from view, and I call out, “There, he’s gone.”

But there are other mountain tops, beyond me, and at the precise moment when I note the great bird’s departure from my view, I know there are new eyes, taking up the sight of him, and fresh voices calling out, “Here he comes.”

David, you will be missed…

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