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The historic inauguration of Barack Obama is done. He is the new President of the United States of America. Now let’s see how he does.

Over the course of his campaign, he was elevated to the status of a messiah. Not by the conservatives but by those in his own party. From his groupies hanging on his every “Seinfeldian” word and breaking down in tears and even fainting after his speeches, to his fan clubs in Germany, the UK, Indonesia, Italy and a dozen other socialist countries around the world. They actually did refer to him as “our messiah”.  By the way, “Seinfeldian” refers to a “show about nothing”.

It’s now time for him to fulfill his campagin promises. So which ones will he fulfill first? Hmmmm. Lets see. Will he close Gitmo first as promised on day one? No, he says he may need to leave it opened for at least four more years because all of the sudden, those terrorist imprisoned there have become “dangerous”. Notice that they were not dangerous  during the Presidency of Bush, but now they are.

Will he provide welfare checks to the 30% of working Americans who do not pay taxes as he promised in his “95% of Americans will recieve a tax cut” speech? No. Now there are members of his party who think it would be dangerous to allow the Bush tax cuts to expire.  A few Democrat Senators now say they should continue the Bush tax cuts.  Notice how they refer to them as the Bush tax cuts now, but when Bush was the President, they were the “tax cuts for the rich.”

Will he withdraw us immediately from Iraq as promised? Hmmmm. Don’t think so, his administration has now adopted the timeline for withdrawal instituted by the Bush Administration.

The wizardry that was his campaign – “say anything to get elected” is going to prove to be problematic for him. He bribed the public with the public’s money and made impossible promises on the war in Iraq. Now he is in quite a spot. He can never fulfill most of his campaign promises because, most economists agree that if he does, it would end the deep recession we are in, in favor of a decade long depression.

In the future, I’ll Post an “Obama Promises” page containing the date and time Obama breaks or fulfills each of his promises. Keep a watch out for that one.

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