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Reviewing old stories and posts, I really need to put this one up, even though I orignially decided not to give this psychopathic nut another forum.

I know it is an old story, but every time I see it, it makes me laugh even more than the last. This is the story of the left-wing radical nut case, Janeane Garafalo, calling the “Tea Party” attendees “rednecks” and “racists”. You should get a kick out of it if you have not already seen it.

On Countdown with Keith Olbermann in April; Janeane Garofalo went on another one of her insane rants about the Tea Parties being held around the country.

Atlas Shrugs wrote, “Garofalo is sick, mentally ill. And Olbermann agreeing with this insanity … the left position is, if you disagree with the plant in the White House, you are a racist” – Atlas hit it completely square on the head.

There can never be enough descriptive words expressed about this putrid sorry excuse for a human being. The Urban Conservative writes, “this deranged mass of human waste dressed as a human being, Garofalo sickens me with the rhetoric that comes out of her sub-human gargantuan swamp of a mouth. Anyone who takes this worthless parasite serious has got some serious problems. I sure am glad that no one even watches Olbermann anyway. He’s quite the idiot himself.”  It’s really hard to believe Olbermann referred to this as a “more serious note”.

What a useless scumbag.

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