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Indiana democrats go for Clinton. Well, some anyway.

“The only reason Mrs. Clinton won Indiana was because of Rush Limbaugh and Operation Chaos. Operation Chaos was responsible for 7%, she got a seven-point bump as a result of Operation Chaos” – Obama campaign.

If it hadn’t been for Republicans taking Democratic ballots, he likely would have won in Indiana, too.” – Sen. John Kerry.

The Obama campaign and Sen. John Kerry both attribute Clinton’s win in Indiana to Rush Limbaugh and Operation Chaos, claiming up to 7 percentage points of Clinton’s victory were the result of the operation. That means Clinton’s 52-48 victory over Obama would have been a 55 – 45 Obama victory had it not been for Rush Limbaugh.

Operation Chaos succeeds again. As I listened to an afternoon show on WLS-AM (The station in Chicago that airs the Limbaugh show), the host of the show had a former B.J. Clinton Administration member claiming that Rush was changing his mind and going for Obama now. The show’s host actually agreed. Now this host is an intelligent man and usually knows what he is talking about, but you can tell that neither he nor his guest really listen to Rush’s show. During that show, he said, no less than 10 times, that he is NOT picking a horse in that race. His objective was ONLY to prolong the democrats race and cause “Chaos”.

So no, he is not chaning his mind and backing Obama…He halted Operation Chaos temporarily and has always believed that when the American people finally get to meet the real Barack Obama, he will be so unpalatable that he will never get elected.

Wishful Thinking: I wish the “drive-by-media” and the intelligent hosts of WLS-AM shows would actally do the research before they speak. Well, actually the media does their research, but they choose to manipulate the facts to further the cause of their horse, Barack Obama.

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