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When I woke up on Saturday and read the local newspapers, I was sickened by a story about the DePaul Conservative Alliance being denied protections under the first amendment. This should shock the conscience of all humanity, or at least make you want to vomit.

Tonight, at DePaul University in Chicago, the DePaul Conservative Alliance is hosting The Minuteman Project co-founder Chris Simcox to give a speech on ILLEGAL immigration. Sounds harmless enough.

SIDE NOTE: I make the word ILLEGAL bold, because in many of the reports and signs the protesters carry, they leave that word out in an attempt to convince you that both Nicholas Hahn and Chris Simcox are dirty racists who hate immigrants and are opposed to immigrants and immigrant rights. NOT GOING TO WORK – I think everyone understands that no one involved here hates anyone.. Certainly not the way the Student Union, the University, the protesters and the Reverend hate those of us with differing views. We all welcome immigrants with open arms. What we don’t do is welcome illegal acts.

When DCA President Nicholas Hahn called this event, he never imagined he would be setting a precedent. This event marks the first time, that anyone at DePaul can recall, that a student group is being forced to pay for extra security at the event because of protesters. It also marks the first time that the general public is being banned from attending an event and the first time that the press is bared from being there. So much for free speech at DePaul.


DePaul spokesman disagrees with the assessment that no other group has been asked to pay for security. Twenty private security officers will monitor the event to “maintain the basic public order,” said spokesman John Holden. DePaul routinely asks student groups to pay for security, he said, when large crowds are expected at events. The Student Government Association and the DePaul Activities Board recently learned they would have to pay for security at two music festivals, Holden said. Yes, Mr. Holden is correct. When they are expecting LARGE crowds. What he is not telling you is that this particular gathering has been limited to 200 attendees while there are thousands expected at the music festivals. They have reportedly never asked for money for gatherings of this size.

Something else they are not telling you is that Mr. Hahn has invited a faculty member with opposing views to attend the event to present differing ideas. Can anyone tell me when the last time a liberal group has invited speakers with opposing views to their events?

Now it’s our turn to protest DePaul and the intolerant, hate group lead by the Rev. Jose Landaverde. If you are an alumni of DePaul and make annual contributions to the University, please consider making this year’s contribution to the DePaul Conservative Alliance instead of to the University that hates any speech they disagree with. If you don’t wish to donate to the DCA, withhold your donation from DePaul this year and donate it to some other worthy cause, as DePaul is no longer worthy of your money.

If you are not an alumni but want to protest the protesters – PLEASE, IF YOU CAN AFFORD $5, $10, $50 OR MORE, CLICK THIS LINK AND DONATE TO THE DEPAUL CONSERVATIVE ALLIANCE.

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