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Convicted felon and good friend to Illinois Democrat Governor Rod Blagojevich and U.S. Senator and Democrat nominee for President of the United States Barack Obama, was convicted by a federal jury yesterday.

A federal jury found the Obama pal guilty on 16 of the 24 count indictment. The convictions included mail and wire fraud, aiding and abetting bribery and money laundering.

This was the largest corruption trial in the State of Illinois history and puts the U.S. Attorney at the heels of Democrat Governor Rod Blagojevich.

Obama’s Ties

As you recall, Obama has had many slimy deals with his good friend Rezko in obtaining $45M dollars of taxpayer money for Rezko’s company for rehabbing his slums. The slums were never rehabbed and many of the buildings went into disrepair and were foreclosed on, leaving the taxpayers holding the bag–Thanks to Obama. (Previous Post On This Subject)

And everyone should remember the shady real estate deal Obama and Rezko had for the purchase of Obama’s mansion. (Previous Post On This Subject)

Bottom line is this. Obama has been keeping some very bad company and has shown atrocious judgment, time and time again and while it is fun to provide the information that the drive by media wont, Liberals have a lack of shame. They have a lack of conscience when taxpayer money is involved. They have no problem ignoring corruption as long as their agenda is being pushed. Liberals will vote for Obama no matter what he does. Even if he were convicted of a thousand felonies, they would still vote for and support him. So while Obama’s ties to Tony Rezko are a very important piece of information to keep in the back of your mind when voting, liberals will ignore it.

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