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This post has been edited as of September 30, 2008 with changes in predictions.

This election year is certainly going to be like none we have seen. Based on latest polling information, odds makers and recent election results, this is how it will probably play out. Naturally, these could change but as of today, these are my predictions.

The United States Senate is currently at 49 Democrats and 49 Republicans with 2 Independents who caucus with the Democrats so for the purposes of this assessment, we will say there are 49 Republicans and 51 Democrats.

There are currently 33 seats that are naturally up for election and 2 seats where the incumbent is running for an unexpired term for a total of 35 seats. Of those, 24 are held by Republicans and 11 are held by the Democrats.

Most pundits have Colorado, Minnesota, Mississippi and New Hampshire listed as toss up seats. All are currently held by Republicans. While the polls say they are all toss ups, I say Colorado and New Hampshire will fall to the Democrats very easily, leaving only Minnesota and Mississippi in the toss up column. Mississippi will probably go to the GOP and the DEMS will take Minnesota through voter fraud.

Now let’s look at those seats that lean in one direction or the other. There are 5 seats either leaning Democrat or Republican, 4 of which are held by Republicans and 1 held by a Democrat. Alaska, Oregon and Maine are leaning Republican and will probably stay with the Republicans. New Mexico and Louisiana are leaning Democrat which means the Dems pick off another Republican seat. The Dems will hold on to Louisiana.

And on to the seats favored by one party or the other. 11 states fall into this category with 9 seats favored by the Republicans and 2 favored by the Democrats. Alabama, Georgia, Kansas, Kentucky, North Carolina, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Texas are all held by Republicans and will remain in Republican hands after the election. Virginia is held by a Republican but will most certainly be another Democrat pick off while New Jersey is held by a Democrat and will remain in Democrat hands.

On to the safe seats. There are 15 seats that are classified as “safe” for one party or the other. Arkansas, Delaware, Iowa, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, Rhode island, South Dakota and West Virginia are all held by the Democrats and will remain in Democrat hands without question. Idaho, Mississippi (seat A), South Carolina, Wyoming (seat A) and Wyoming (seat B) are all held by Republicans and will remain in Republican hands without question.

New Senate Count: 58 Democrats, 42 Republicans.

The Democrats could take as many as 57 seats if the two toss up seats go Democrat, but at this point, I am saying Al Franken in Minnesota is too much of a whacko and I think Norm Coleman will retain the seat by an historically slim margin unless ACORN and their socialist Secretary of State are successful in stealing it for Franken. I am also predicting that Trent Lott’s old seat, currently held by Wicker will also remain in Republican hands.

But, for now, I am saying the Democrats will take no more than 57 seats or 58 seats, possibly 59 if the theft of Minnesota’s seat is successful.

The Republicans can definitely say goodbye to these states:

Colorado – Correct Call
New Hampshire – Correct Call
New Mexico – Correct Call
Virginia- Correct Call

Republicans will possibly lose these states:
Minnesota – Correct Call
Alaska – Correct Call

The Hawk called all questionable seats correctly. 100% accuracy rating.

Final Senate Count: Democrats may hold as many as 57 seats but will probably have a 55 to 45 majority.

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  • al franken election results

    says on:
    December 12, 2008 at 3:10 pm

    The state Canvassing Board today directed that a recount begin tomorrow in the U.S. Senate race between Republican Sen. Norm Coleman and DFLer Al Franken, even as the board considers a last-minute request from the Franken

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