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Does it drive anyone else crazy when you hear the weepy Lemings of Obama give their accounts of listening to Obama talk and breaking down in tears when they hear Obama say nothing at all?

Whenever I hear one of Barack Obama’s speeches, it sounds something like this to me:

“I believe that we need to change the things that haven’t been changed yet. I offer Change for hope in the future , I believe in hope. Hope for the future and for change. I beleive in change. Change for the future of hope. I will work to change the things that need to be changed and move the country to the future because the past is already behind us and the future hasn’t happened yet, but with change, we will make that future happen and keep America’s promise of hope.”

Change…Hope….The Future… All great words and sound bites that sound really great and Mr. Obama is the absolute greatest orator in our time at saying absolutely NOTHING AT ALL.

A perfect example of this is what he posted on his web site as his platform:
(these are actual statements from Obama’s web site)

Pander #1
“We’ll invest in you, you invest in your country, together America will move forward, that’s what we dream of. That is our calling in this campaign. That’s our calling, to reaffirm that fundamental belief, I am my brother’s keeper; I am my sister’s keeper; that belief that makes us one people and one nation. It’s time to stand up and reach for what’s possible, because together people who love their country can change it.

Huh? what the heck does that mean? How will he invest in us? Coming from Obama, this “fundamental belief of I am my brother’s keeper…” really means the Government is your keeper. The Governmnet will take care of all your needs. The Government will crush your employer for you. (and in the process, probably make them move out of the country and cost you your job)

Pander #2
“Now, when I start talking like this, I have to say some people will tell you that I’ve got my head in the clouds; that I’m still offering false hopes; that I need a reality check; that I’m a hopemonger. But, you know, it’s true, my own story tells me that in the United States of America, there’s never been anything false about hope, at least not if you’re willing to work for it; not if you’re willing to struggle for it; not if you’re willing to fight for it.

Ok. This is too good to pass up. I don’t say Obama’s head is in the clouds..It may be somewhere else, but it is not in the clouds. So lets recap this statement: Obama wants change from the past. Would that be the same past that he lauds in his “own story”. Is that the same past that helped him purchase his million dollar plus home? If he was able and willing to work, struggle and fight for what he has, why would we want a change from that? We are true believers in hard work, and struggling for what you want, but appearently Obama doesn’t beleive in his own words if he wants to “change” things.

We will continue to post the Obama panderings in the future, which has not come yet, but the past is in our past and change for the future is good as long as you have hope…OOOPS. Sorry, I fell into another Obama moment. I’ll try not to let that happen again. But anyway, continue checking back for more Obamasms.

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