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Obama has been stumping around the country pandering to liberal women making the phony claim that women are paid $0.77 for every dollar a man earns. He is quoting from a report by the National Committee on Pay Equity.

This myth has been shot down over and over and over again. You see, the way they calculate it is not based on equal jobs/work. It is based on all jobs combined.

Factors that are not considered when calculating pay disparity are the chosen occupations. Men tend to go into areas like business, engineering and medical fields. Women tend to gravitate toward government work, education and psychology.

Maternity leave and the fact that women tend to work part time or leave the workplace altogether to spend more time with their children.

Let’s say you have 10 women and 10 men who graduated from college.

The 10 women go into teaching where they will make an average $50,000 per year.
The 10 men go into engineering where they will make $80,000 per year.
According to the liberal groups, that means men are paid $30,000 more than women. Another way to state it is that women make only 62.5% of what men make.

Let’s take that example and parse it. The 10 women who went into teaching are paid $50,000 for 1,080 hours per year of work. That breaks down to $46.30 per hour. The 10 men who went into engineering who make $80,000 per year and work 2,080 hours per year are paid $38.46 per year. That means the women are actually making $7.84 more per hour than men or men only make 83% of what women make. Now, I know this is a ridiculous argument to make but it really is no more ridiculous than the argument made by Obama and the other liberals.

When you compare education level, time on the job and the type of work, you find that the largest pay disparity between men and women is about 2% and that could go either way. Male teachers with 10 years of service and a Masters Degree do not make $0.01 more than female teacher with the same degree and time in service. And when you compare equal job to job, you will find the same thing. The only difference would be when women go on unpaid maternity leave. Naturally, they will make less money.

Bottom line is this: When Obama, the Com-PANDERER-In-Chief, says something, you can bet he is lying. That is not to say he lies all the time… Only when he is talking.

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