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Being that it is the day before Independence Day, I thought I would talk about patriotism.

Patriotism is and can be defined in only this way. It is the love of one’s country and a willingness to make sacrifices for it. It is a positive and supportive attitude to a ‘fatherland’ expressed by an individual or a group. It is not defined as community service or loyalty to the state, but loyalty to the idea of freedom for it’s people as individuals. It is never expecting something from the state. It’s that plain and simple.

I have heard left wing liberals define it as, and I quote directly, “disagreeing with your government when you believe they are wrong.” These same friends of mine, who are left wing liberals, give Barack Obama kudos for being “the most patriotic person in the picture below” because he expressed himself and what he believes.

What they are describing is a belief in the individual rights of people to not wear an American Flag pin or placing your hand over your heart during the National Anthem. They are confusing the exercise of rights with Patriotism.

You cannot simply exercise your rights and call it Patriotism. Rights, by the way that were created by patriots and defended by patriots. What you see on display from Barack Obama is the furthest thing from patriotism. It is pure disdain for the idea of patriotism. Don’t misread what I am saying. I am fine with his personal freedom to act this way but I am NOT fine with calling it patriotism.

All that said, you can see how the left wing liberal extremists are perverting what patriotism is and what it means to be a patriot. You can see where this nation is going and where we will end up if we allow the left wing liberal extremists to take control of it.

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  • Conservative Hawk

    says on:
    February 4, 2009 at 10:32 am


    Very eloquently stated. However, would you agree that the Constitution is there to protect everyone’s rights and not just those of the “majority”?

    Would you also agree that we cannot change the definition of patriotism to fit our needs?

    You and I have similar but different views of patriotism. I would agree that it is the devotion to one’s country and fellow citizens. It is how we get there that it appears we disagree. I believe in helping my fellow citizens and defending my country. But I believe in helping my fellow citizens voluntarily. I believe in using my own money to help. Correct me if I am wrong (and if I am, I apologize) but it seems you are advocating that the government force us to help our fellow citizens through state and federal programs.

    First, because government cannot serve the “people” if it does so by trampling the rights of even the smallest segment of society. Government cannot be in the business of providing for the every whim of its people. When it does that, it becomes destructive of the rights of one group or another. Government cannot function on the will of the “people” unless you just count the majority as the “people”.

    When I say “never expecting anything from the state” I am not referring to the expectation of good government or the provision of the protection of all citizens. I am referring to not expecting the government to take care of your needs. Patriotism cannot be achieved by taking a handout from the government which was paid for by someone else. Paid for with money that was forcibly taken from another person.

  • Cautious1

    says on:
    March 1, 2009 at 8:57 pm


    Dear Christian Friends,

    By the stroke of the pen on an Executive Order, President Obama has reversed the ban on fetal stem cell research. I don’t believe we should lose hope and conclude it’s a foregone conclusion that researchers will continue to abort human babies for the purpose of extracting their embryonic cells for implant into adult brains whose owners suffer from Altzeimer’s or some other disease. There are ways such “research” can be stopped even if Congress fails to act against the President’s misjudgment.

    When researchers talk about “stem cell treatment,” we must understand what they are doing, how they intend to do it and what their expected results are.

    When asked to explain how the process would work, proponents of stem cell treatment are at a loss. Reasons are, first, they don’t know; second, there is nothing to know, since it would not work as intended. The logic upon which the research is based is flawed and expected conclusions false. In short, it amounts to infanticide, and body-part “can-nibalism” – like the Air Force that takes parts from one airplane on the ground to install them on other planes still flying.

    The activity of stem cell treatment proponents is not bio-medical science but is anchored in greed and godless lawlessness. It is imbued with selfishness and heartless callousness towards unborn babies who will be murdered in order that a few human “scavengers” can survive. To hear them speak on television programs or to read their apparent pleas to let the “research” continue amounts to validating the cries of hyenas on a rampage for prey.

    First of all, these embryonic stem cells belong to unique, already procreated, formed-in-the-womb human beings whose embryonic development to maturity has been stopped, interrupted and discontinued due to external intrusion by laboratory technicians. These so-called embryonic stem cells are already predisposed, pre-designed, pre-purposed to differentiate and specialize into body organs and parts that belong to a specific human being. Just because the baby’s development in the womb has been stopped at a specific time, i.e., embryonic or fetal stage, just because there is dislocation from purposed locus of maturity, do not entail a change in genetic design or imprinting. The cells, from the standpoint of biological development and maturity are already pre-destined to differentiate and specialize into that specific human being whom the sperm and the egg have had already formed into existence, regardless of age. Dislocation from that specific human being and transplantation into an Altzeimer’s patient’s brain do not change the genetic predestination and individuation of those cells.

    Thus, were those cells allowed to mature, they would be organs and body parts belonging to the specific baby formed by the sperm and the egg, before the baby was murdered prematurely, whether at the embryonic age (3 days old in the womb), or fetal development age (2 months old in the womb). This genetic specificity and unique individuation will not change just because the cells are dislocated and transplanted in another body; and no biological or chemical process will take place in the patient’s brain that will effect a change in his own neurons. They might as well take the baby’s toes and do the same with them – transplanting one body part from one human being into another. This demonstrates how flawed their logic is and how false their conclusions are from these unscientific assumptions. The only reason these cells are called “stem cells” is because at that age (not “stage”), i.e., the embryonic, they are not yet formed or differentiated into body parts, such as the eyes, the mouth, the feet, or specialized into organs, such as the heart, the liver etc… They pretend to forget that the sperm and the egg from which this unique human being is being procreated form only one genotype, one human being with a specific genome and no other. And these cells are not “stem cells” from the standpoint of biology but only from the perspective of human beings who have already committed murder and must justify their acts by identifying “cells” with their victim’s age in the womb, i.e., embryo – stem cell. But at the age of un-arrested and uninterrupted development, e.g., 5 months old in the womb, the baby is a “fetus.” Why? The baby was not murdered; cells too young to form body parts and organs, now, are maturing through the development process into their specific genetic predestination and bio-organic individuation. Consequently, so-called “stem cell treatment” is selfish self-deception and godless self-delusion. These babies are dying needlessly and murder is being rewarded with media hoopla and taxpayers’ hard-earned money.

    Please do not lose courage, nor despair. It is not too late to stop them. We need to spread the truth with scientists who will listen to biologically sound scientific knowledge, citizens and public officials who will then take constructive action before this gruesome undertaking is launched on this land against the most defenseless victims amongst us, unborn babies.

    Thank you. God bless you Christ Jesus, our Lord.

    Leo Emmanuel Lochard, BA, MA, Certified Teacher, State of Illinois , USA

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