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South Carolina is one of the greatest states in the United States, but they do have a problem. That problem goes by the name of Lindsey Graham.

Graham joined other great liberals and moderates such as Teddy Kennedy, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John McCain, and Dick Durbin in supporting amnesty for people who have broken our laws. (Note: John McCain has since rejected amnesty and admitted his mistake on this one.) What makes Grahamnesty the worst of the bunch is the fact that he called those of us who wish to enforce existing laws, “Bigots”. Here is the speech he gave to LaRaza. Please do watch it.

Here are some of the excerpts from his speech:
No group OWNS being an American”
– Yes Lindsey, there is a group that owns being an American. The group is – AMERICANS, Lindsey. This is one of the reasons I hate pandering. It makes one look hollow and without any substance. That’s exactly what this statement sounds like…A hallow politician with no substance.

“We are going to tell the bigots to shut up.”
Who would those bigots be, Lindsey? Would those bigots be the people who believe in the rule of law? Would those bigots be the people who don’t like having our laws trampled on by citizens of another country? Would those bigots be the more than 80% of American’s (including South Carolinians) who beleive Amnesty is the wrong way to go?

It’s time to dump Lindsey Graham. Nominate Tim Carnes in June and elect him in November.

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