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Ok. We realize that we have been ultra tough on John McCain but this supposed sex scandal is ridiculous.

Imagine now that it is Barack Obama who had this story come out against him. Now imagine the press coverage. It would appear in a few newspapers (certainly never the New York Times) and would be a blip on the nightly news for one broadcast. Then…POOF, it would be gone.

But this story is not about Barack Obama. It is about John McCain, and because of that, this story is dominating the headlines of newspapers and local television media outlets around the country for two days now. Keep in mind that there is absolutely no proof of any sort and the NYT story is based completely upon wild innuendo and pure conjecture because he had a friendship with a female lobbyist.

Well, actually this could be good for McCain. If I were him, I’d let the story go and let the Democrats think I cheated on my wife. In the Democrat Party, that is a huge resume’ enhancement and qualifier for office.

Obama scandals are never covered with any flair or for any amount of time. At least the true scandals. For example, the news media clamps onto Michelle Obama’s comments about never being proud of her country until now, and Obama heisting his speeches from Deval Patrick. These are all things that people do not find important but the media and the Obama camp can say that he is under a microscope more than anyone else. All this while the media virtually ignores Obama’s shady real estate deals, dirty campaign cash, dealings with indicted fund raisers and securing public fudning for phony “building improvements” for the same indicted fund raiser.


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