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From 1992 through 2004, Barack Obama was a lecturer at the University of Chicago Law School where he taught 3 courses per year. He ended that gig after his election to the United States Senate.

Michelle Obama became the University of Chicago’s Vice President of Community Affairs four months after her husband was sworn in as a United States Senator. She previously served as their Executive Director of Community Affairs. Her new position came with a $195,000 pay increase.

Why do we tell you this? Because while Obama was out targeting the evil health care providers for “terrorizing” those who couldn’t afford to pay their hospital bills, his former employer and his wife’s current employer was spending $10M per year just to collect bills from those who couldn’t afford to pay. In a word…”Terrorizing” them. At the same time, the U of C Hospital was one of the few in the country who refused to give a discount to the uninsured. To the contrary, they had a record of marking up services for the uninsured to the tune of 300%. That means they increased their fees to the uninsured by 300% over what they charged the insured.

While attacking other hospitals for “terrorizing” the uninsured, Obama remained silent on the University of Chicago Hospitals. In fact, he and his wife were in positions where they could have effected real change in policy and made the U of C Hospitals an example for all other health care providers….but they both remained silent and did nothing.

Well, maybe not nothing. In 2006, Obama requested an earmark of $1M in federal funding for the U of C Hospital Pavilion.

So all you Obama Zombies (Obamies), this is who your Messiah really is.

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